02.02.2012 | EMW Orchestra: OVERLAP
EMW Orchestra: OVERLAP
02.02.2010, Club Transmediale 2010, Berlin


Taking CTM.10’s theme as its starting point, the EMW Orchestra explores the concept of ‘OVERLAP’.

The nerve and the sinew, the retina and the fingertip flicker and spark in the will to self-expression, and in so doing slowly trace out the two layers which constitute the Orchestra’s performance this evening: firstly the emergence and overlap of bodies and shadows in the form of the human/animal hybrid and secondly the description of the compositional act in its very moment of creation. Audio and visual are not treated as mutually exclusive materials, nor do they merely accompany one another; rather, conjoined they describe the invisible and the inaudible, the sense-able and the inevitable.

Visuals: Tabea Schulze, Paula Stuckatz
Gitarre: Birthe Ziegler, René Wilbrandt
Djmebe: Thea Dymke, Annika Haas
Elektroakustik: Alexander Eckstein, Katja Gajek, Christina Ion, Milena Ivanova, Mischa Karth, Bianca Lange, Dalia Möller, Martin Petrick, Anne Schaal
Dokumentation: Mischa Karth, Tabea Schulze
Leitung: Simon Vincent
16.07.2010 u. 28.10.2010 | EMW Orchestra: MIKROPHONIE I (Stockhausen)
EMW Orchestra: MIKROPHONIE I (Stockhausen)
16.07.10, Malteser Treffpunkt Freizeit am Heiligen See, Potsdam
28.10.10, Aufwand, Berlin

MIKROPHONIE I (Stockhausen)

The EMW Orchestra reinterprets Karlheinz Stockhausen's MIKROPHONIE I (1964).

The work is a pioneering piece of electroacoustic music for tam-tam, microphones, filters and modulators. The Orchestra eleminates the tam-tam and challenges Stockhausen's rather prescriptive score. Microphones remain the centre of the performance, at once acting as auditive microscopes and instruments. Generation, recording and transformation of sound are experienced within a dynamically spatialised setting, while the performers negotiate the original score and its in/compatibilities.

Various materials and objects become sound sources which are explored by microphones and modulated live with effects and filters. Thus the performance reveals connections of sound and sound creation and makes that process simultaneously re-visible and re-audible.

Live Elektroakustik: Fabian Frischmann, Markus Wutzlhofer
Gegenstände & Mikrophone: Robert Arnold, Mandy Calliari, Annika Haas, Tom Palluch, Jonathan Ranzinger, Lena von Geyso
Dokumentation: Philipp Meyer
Leitung: Simon Vincent